Trends Report

May 18th, 2010 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Trends Report

Retailing typically involves a narrowing of our focus. If your attention is not directed on what’s happening within the walls of your particular store, your sales will suffer. This type of focus isn’t a negative at all – it certainly has its merits, and key among them is success. The downside is that sometimes our focus keeps us so occupied with the trees, that we don’t always get a chance to take in the forest. Suddenly we realize that we need to move a pallet of peaches in 2 days and our world quickly narrows in to everything peaches. Again, this is a necessary focus, and part of what makes retailing so exciting. It does, however, come with a downside – we must have the opportunity to get outside of our personal retail experience on occasion to see what’s happening beyond these walls; otherwise, we lose touch with key aspects of our industry.

At Albert’s we understand that it is right for your focus to remain within your store’s boundaries – that is what you are paid to do. As your partner, we feel that it is more incumbent upon us to help connect you with the larger industry since that is where our work regularly takes us. With that said, we are very pleased to be announcing a new service that we are providing for our customers – The Trends Report. The Trends Report will provide you with a quick snapshot of how different products are performing in the organic and natural foods marketplace. The intent of this report is to share our collective observations and statistics (from working with thousands of different stores) to help you better understand how key organic and natural products are selling at the retail level. We will do this by providing trends for key items (every 3 months – this one includes January – March) comparing 2009 sales with 2010 sales over the same time period. The results of this data will include both fresh products (meats, cheeses, drinks, etc) as well as produce. Each quarter we will alert you when this information is posted.

We hope you find this to be a valuable tool, and that it allows you the opportunity to finesse your product selection to match the needs of your customers. To read the trends report, click here, and once you arrive on our webpage click on the Trends Report thumbnail and you can read the full PDF file. Enjoy.