Is Angus the Best Tasting Beef?

April 2nd, 2010 | Simcha Weinstein | 2 Comments »

There are many who believe that the best beef in the world is Angus. Of course, for years, those that had competing breeds considered this information strictly anecdotal. However, in the last few years the Clay Center in Nebraska has performed quite a few tests on different breeds and their test (the Warner-Bratzler shear force test) has proven that cattle with a significant Angus base score better on tenderness. There are some Angus beef producers, however, that do not use traceability to confirm the genetic base on their beef, and if the animal is more than 50% black in terms of hide color, then they just call it Angus. This, of course, is not true traceability and not a practice that is necessarily accurate or fair to the true flavor profile of the Angus breed.

Most of us who regularly prepare meat from cattle that are free from hormone and antibiotic use have also discovered that cattle free of these treatments have a richer, more defined flavor. There are many chefs that believe that cattle produced without hormones actually have lower water content in the beef, and therefore the product will cook quicker and taste better. I tend to agree!

The myth of Angus cattle being the best eating beef . . . well, it’s really not a myth. It’s a wonderful and delicious truism that everyone needs to test for themselves. And, for your testing, we can comfortably recommend our Heartland Meadow All Natural Beef. This taste test will likely be the most enjoyable test you have taken in quite some time.