A Virtual Trip to Tongorappe

March 26th, 2010 | melody | Comments Off on A Virtual Trip to Tongorappe

It’s been four years since I visited our Peruvian banana producers group in Tongorappe, but it seems just like yesterday. I can still smell the arid desert wind whipping around the fertile and moist soil where huge banana trees majestically towers above. Tongorrappe is located in North Western Peru near the town of Chiclayo. Pronatur is the name of the organization that brings this community of small banana and mango producers together. Pronatur stands for “Promoter of Natural Agriculture” – the development of ecological and sustainable agriculture. Pronatur integrates small-scale marginal producers into efficient production chains and helps consolidate the commercial cycle for them.

The growers have one central location to process and pack bananas, which is organized by Pronatur. Solar pumps provided by Fair Trade and association money help provide cheap and clean water supplies. In an arid desert such as northern Peru, water is life, abundance and health. Not only does the water help grow bananas (which provide their income), but it also provides hygienic benefits to the families. Albert’s Organics has supported this group by purchasing their bananas and mangoes weekly for the last four years. It has been a pleasure to watch this group grow their production as well as their standard of living through their hard work, providing great quality fruit for our tables.

If you get a chance you can visit their website to see more images and learn more. You can also go to the Albert’s website to learn more about Fair Trade.