Shopping Observations

November 16th, 2009 | george | Comments Off on Shopping Observations

georgeThumbI love to grocery shop. Even more so, I love to watch other people grocery shop. I am particularly fascinated with the types of natural/organic products shoppers who don’t typically buy organic food put in their carts at conventional supermarkets. While the evidence is anecdotal, more often than not, I see 3 types of natural/organic items being purchased by conventional shoppers.

– Organic milk seems to be the most common item I see with conventional shoppers. Even with the recent decreases in the price of conventional milk, I see many shoppers including organic milk with their carts full of Oreos and Chips Ahoy.

– Cage-Free & Organic Eggs also seem to be popular with conventional shoppers.

spacer– Given a choice between organic produce and conventional produce, I observe many shoppers choosing the organic item, especially if the organic price is closer to conventional pricing.

groceries2I am far from a retail buying trend analyst. With this in mind, I will note a common thread I found with these three product categories. All three of these categories represent products that, in consumer’s minds, are relatively unprocessed and look like the products as they are originally sourced. When I ask conventional shoppers why they chose those particular items, the typical response was often “Well, I feel like they might be better for me and my kids.” They may not know specifically why organic/natural would be better, but the basic unchanged nature of those categories seem to resonate with conventional shoppers.  Their shopping cart will include other products loaded with preservatives, artificial colors/flavors, etc., but conventional shoppers “feel good” about making organic/natural decisions with these particular categories.