Soil Obsession

February 10th, 2010 | melody | Comments Off on Soil Obsession

From my previous two posts about my New Zealand adventure, you’ve probably come to think that I’m a bit obsessed with soil. In my defense, I believe it would be pretty difficult to visit these orchards and not be. What is going on out here is pretty impressive! Much of what they do here in New Zealand is very cutting edge, and actually growers from all over the world are beginning to pay attention to the soil management strategies that are employed here. One of the leading soil scientists in the world, Frank van Steensel, works with one of our orchards here in New Zealand – Te Moe Orchards. As a result of the work that Frank has done with this orchard, it is one of the most widely studied and followed orchards in the world.

Frank’s work is truly revolutionary, and I have become even more convinced that at the heart of the success of all organic agriculture is the soil. It is indeed the lifeblood of our food, and the more we nurture it, understand it, and develop it, the better our food will be. The difference in good food from truly great food really gets down to how we take care of that which nurtures our food throughout the growing process.

We strongly encourage you to visit Frank’s website, which is loaded with valuable information about soil science. I know this sounds a little “geeky”, but thoroughly understanding this aspect of how our food arrives to us everyday, really helps you to understand not only the valuable role of science in our farming system, but the artisan/craftsman nature as well.