In Search of Apples . . . and More

January 29th, 2010 | melody | Comments Off on In Search of Apples . . . and More

Over the next couple of weeks I want to share with you my adventures, observations, education and photos (see below) from my travels to New Zealand to meet with our our organic apple growers that we will be working with as we look to start up the New Zealand season in April. Somewhere on the other side of the world at 38 degrees south latitude rests a beautiful bay named Hawkes Bay, nestled on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand.  Named “land of the long white cloud” by the Maori aborigines , this area is a prime, fertile region for growing the perfect apples! Because this bay rests in the southern hemisphere the apples are ripe and ready to eat at the opposite time from our domestic crop.  Thanks to modern sea shipping these apples come to us with a small carbon footprint because sea freight has become so efficient.

My first day in New Zealand after a 14 hour flight . . . feeling a bit tired and yet thrilled to be present.  Immediately upon my arrival, we walk to the farmers market where the modest cauliflower begs forgiveness for its size!

I take in the bounty of the very local and organic produce, preserves, meat, cheese and oh, the wines! The country side is lush with verdant rolling hills of terraced vineyards. The people here are resplendent in their appreciation for nature, agriculture and doing things slowly. Organic production and food is everywhere!

This place named Hawkes Bay is surrounded by great orchards of apples, laden with early summer fruit just waiting to be thinned so that the proper size can be achieved for our summer market.  Everything is mirrored and opposite to our latitude, even the water goes down the basin in the opposite direction!

. . . and by the way, these apples from New Zealand will be under the 100% Pure New Zealand Grateful Harvest label. We can’t wait to get them!