Avocados and the Super Bowl

January 27th, 2016 | Miranda Weinstein | Comments Off on Avocados and the Super Bowl

GuacThumb2014Over the last few decades, football’s championship game, the Super Bowl, has eclipsed the World Series as America’s favorite sporting event. It’s no longer just a one-day spectacle, but has become a two-week long celebration leading into the Sunday game with lots of partying and overeating. Like most of our celebrations, eating has a large role in this event, particularly emphasizing snack foods like nuts and corn chips. Of course, if you have corn chips, you need something delicious to dip them in. And this is how Super Bowl Sunday has literally become Guacamole Sunday. If you have not already begun planning for the big game next Sunday, now is the time to get your retail ducks in a row. Having a tremendous avocado display that also features, lemons, limes, tomatoes, and onions is a must!

In addition to the key produce items that make up your display, see if you can work with the grocery manager in your store to use some stacks of corn chips to surround your nice endcap display. Additionally a nice sign over your display that reads “Super Bowl Guacamole Fixins’” would also be a tremendous help. It just so happens that if you click here or on the picture above, you can download an already prepared sign using original artwork.

A couple of other points to remember for the Super Bowl:
– The date of the game is Sunday, February 7, 2016
– Anecdotal evidence (and my own personal experience) suggests that the best guacamole recipes use limes as well as lemons.

Have a fun time… and sell some guacamole fixin’s.