The Art of Gratefulness

December 8th, 2015 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on The Art of Gratefulness

gratefulI tend to write a fair amount about issues – issues surrounding our food system, issues about ecology and environment, and issues we encounter in the workplace. And, as I continue to write the word “issue”, I realize that, along with shining a spotlight in the places where we’re not firing on all pistons… i.e. the “issues”, another part of my job is to shine the light on what is going really well in our industry and where we are making tremendous gains.

The balance is a delicate dance, and one we all do with our own lives. We see the areas where our lives seem to work and where we feel happy, and we are also aware of our own personal issues and areas that fall short of our expectations.

More and more, I realize that the issues I tend to regularly write about are luxuries. More people than not would be thrilled to have my life or yours. Those of us who choose an organic lifestyle are pretty fortunate in that we can choose how and what we want to eat. Billions of people (and that’s an accurate number and not hyperbole) across the planet do not have that choice.

My personal issues are a luxury as well. I wake up every day in good health, surrounded by family and friends I share a beautiful love with, and I work in a field that brings me great joy. So, you’re probably wondering… well… what is your point?

In a word, GRATEFULNESS. I could go on and try to detail or describe what I mean here, but in the video below, this very gentle soul does such a beautiful and eloquent job of saying what I feel, that he deserves center stage. Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine Monk, so wonderfully connects the art of being grateful with true happiness. If his name seems familiar – he narrated one of Louie Schwartzberg’s movies (which have been featured on this blog) entitled, “Nature. Beauty. Gratitude”. And just to put you at ease, this is not a religious talk in any way. What he presents is a very thoughtful and practical approach to life… that’s all.

Take the time as we engage in the holiday season to feel the power of gratefulness. Each moment presents us with an opportunity to be grateful… that’s a lot of opportunity. That’s a lot of chances to feel happiness. Go for it!