Leadership… Finding Your “Why”

October 29th, 2014 | Simcha Weinstein | 1 Comment »

Simon SinekAccording to renowned leadership expert, Simon Sinek, there is only one measurement for determining if you are a leader… and that’s if you have followers. He goes on to say, that if you are a leader, then “why should someone follow you?” That’s the determining factor in how effective you’ll be in your role.

For those who regularly follow this blog, you have become acquainted with my passion for understanding leadership, and I would rate this 15 minute talk by Simon Sinek as a must see for anyone who wants to improve their own leadership skills or help push their company towards improved leadership practices.

The key is determining why someone would want to follow you, and it must be more than that your name is simply in the right position on the company flow chart. That’s not compelling!

People follow leaders who have a clear vision. People want to know why are we doing what we do? Why should we get excited about coming to work each day? Creating that level of understanding and inspiration is the fundamental job of a leader.

An effective and inspired leader must understand why they are in business. What got us here in the first place? That’s the question to answer. There must have been some inspiring moment, or thought process, or awareness that lead to the initial creation of the business. Find that, celebrate it, embrace it, and you will connect to your role as a leader… and people will gladly follow you.

And the more you share that vision, and the more clearly and simply you can communicate it to your team, the better. And here’s a hint – if the answer to the question of why are we in business has anything to do with money, or profits, or top line sales… you have completely missed the mark. Those who follow are not interested in devoting their lives to what can be viewed on a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets do not excite! They may excite those who create them, but they are not the basis for what motivates and inspires people at work. But people will show amazing passion, excitement and devotion to a vision; a purpose that is fulfilling and can change lives. And once you have inspired people to follow; once you have given them an understanding of your company’s “why”, then amazing things happen, and yes, one of those amazing things is that profits and top line sales improve. Even the spreadsheets are happy.

Find that in your business and make it the why that inspires you and your team to show up everyday. It’ll work; it’ll make your job fun; and you’ll transform lives. Not bad for a days work.

Enjoy the video.