Can Your Kids Cook?

October 24th, 2014 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Can Your Kids Cook?

If you can sneak in 20 minutes sometime today, or sometime this weekend, or even sometime in the coming week, I strongly urge you to watch the very compelling video below by Jamie Oliver. For those who are not already familiar with Mr. Oliver, he is a chef who has turned his love of food into activism, focusing on better food for our kids, specifically fighting the war on obesity.

He makes a great case that we pass on many cultures, traditions and lifestyles to our kids, but perhaps the most important one, the art of cooking, is often overlooked. Parents feed children; but we do not always teach children how to feed themselves or prepare their own meals. And, as they become young adults, they get much of their nutrition from fast food restaurants and schools, neither of which seems to promote or provide healthy food in any capacity. As Jamie notes in his talk “schools actually consider French fries a vegetable”.

Right now everyone is focused on what type of economy we are going to leave for our next generation . . . and with good reason. But, we should also be deeply concerned about what type of food culture we are leaving for them as well.