Wise Words from a Wise Man

July 16th, 2014 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Wise Words from a Wise Man

Happy Wednesday everyone! I know that sentiment is typically reserved as a Friday greeting, heading into the weekend… but let’s celebrate midweek as well! As part of the celebration, I want to share with you a short 5-minute video featuring Michael Pollan, discussing Genetic Engineering (GE). As with most topics that Mr. Pollan discusses, his views on GE are incredibly insightful, thoughtful, and spot on. If you can find a spare 5 minutes today or even sometime this week, I’d highly recommend watching the video clip below.

Perhaps the most poignant comment from Mr. Pollan is when he states, “Genetic Engineering is about controlling the intellectual property of the food crops we depend on.” This is so true. Can we really believe that Monsanto’s motivation (as they claim) with Genetic Engineering is to help bring the world out of poverty, when they won’t even allow the farmers to own the very seeds they plant? Controlling the intellectual property of the food that farmers grow is simply creating another form of poverty.

From all apparent evidence, GE does not in any way seem focused on making our food system more sustainable. Monsanto likes to talk about how safe and well-studied Genetic Engineering is, and yet the irony is that Monsanto forbids independent scientists from studying their seeds. Here’s a tip for Monsanto: if you really want people of the world to think that you’re serious about increasing our food supply, then you need to be more focused on feeding people than on protecting your rights to own the food that you claim will feed the world.

Ok… I’m now stepping down from my soapbox… although I must admit, sometimes it’s a beautiful view from up there : ) Have a great week. Peace.