Leaders Build Trust

June 25th, 2014 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Leaders Build Trust

SimonSinekThe quality of a company is based entirely on the leadership of that organization. How the company rises or falls; succeeds or fails, is really determined by what type of leadership is present. Sure, they’ll be outside factors that will be in play, but in the end, it all comes down to leadership.

Simon Sinek is one of the most innovative and thoughtful speakers discussing and describing organizational leadership. Fascinated by the leaders who make an impact in the world, companies and politicians with the capacity to inspire, Sinek has discovered some remarkable patterns in how they think, act and communicate.

In his latest TED Talk, Sinek explores how to cultivate and enhance feelings of trust and confidence in making bold decisions. It’s the subject of his latest book, Leaders Eat Last.

To sustain an organization it takes more than just good management… it takes true leadership. According to Sinek, ‘organizations where people share values, and are valued, succeed over the long term in both good and bad times. A leader who stays focused on the well-being of the organization can never fail. When leaders inspire those they lead, people will dream of a better future, invest time in learning more, do more for the organization, and along the way, become leaders themselves.”

Being a leader does not mean you are merely in a position of authority… it means you care about and inspire the people you lead. I hope you take the time to watch this powerful talk from Simon Sinek, entitled, “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.”