More than Just Organic

May 20th, 2014 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on More than Just Organic

HandlingMattersToday, with organic food, the emphasis is squarely on how the food is grown and what does or does not go into it. The Holy Grail is to use no chemical pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or fertilizers – all of which thoroughly permeate our food and the land. We grow and eat organic food so we can eat more healthfully and live more happily.

What goes into our food does matter… and it matters a lot. There is no activity that we do more regularly and consistently than eating… well, perhaps save breathing. It keeps us alive; the food that we ingest fuels us and should be as healthy for us as possible.

As we all know, with conventionally grown food this is not always the case. But I wonder… are those of us in the organic industry actually taking it far enough? If we are truly about creating the most healthful food possible, perhaps there is more we can do. Hang with me here as I explain…

My entire supposition is based on this: scientists and mystics agree – everything carries energy. The earth, and everything in it, like us, is simply energy. And energy is always in motion. That’s pretty powerful, and so are the implications it might have for our industry. Could it mean that our interaction with food continues to impact its quality long after it’s been harvested? Once a head of lettuce is harvested and leaves the farm, if it’s being transported and handled by others, is it still “becoming”? If so, how that head of lettuce is handled up to the point when someone buys it matters. That lettuce will be absorbing energy until it is eaten, and then it will impact that person with its energy.

Sound a little out there? Maybe… But one could easily make the case that once that head (or box) of lettuce reaches the store – it’s still absorbing energy. And how we handle it, how we manage it, and how we care for it, are all still part of its growing process and of the life-force that goes into the lettuce. At a different level, it could be as powerful as tending to the soil that nurtured its growth in the first place.

So, at the store level, how you handle the food, and the energy you transmit into the already harvested product, affects the life-force of this head of lettuce. Just because it’s now out of the ground, doesn’t mean it’s dead. In many ways, your job on the retail end involves dealing with the food in just as important a way as when it was sill in the ground.

Do you prep your lettuce – gently floating it in tepid water, snipping the ends and allowing the lettuce to drink it’s nourishment, or do you simply put the lettuce on the display directly out of the box? Each of these techniques carries a very different energy. Do you haphazardly roll the apples in the box onto your apple display and move on to the next product, or, do you gently stack the apples, with the stem ends facing in the same direction, and place each apple carefully to avoid bruising?

The handling matters! And not just because it makes for a beautiful display, but because it’s a transmission of energy from you and to the product. And that transmission remains a part of the product. And your customers will notice it with every bite… in the same way they notice when they eat organic vs. conventionally grown food. It may not always be immediately visible or apparent, but it’s there.

If we know that we have an impact on our food, and certainly that it has one on us, then let’s make that interaction positive, loving and healthful. I know, this sounds a little “out there”, but just ask any Quantum Physicist… love, care and tenderness can all be received and embraced by the food you sell, and we all need those “ingredients” in our food and in our bodies. Embrace your roles as part of the process of raising vibrant and healthy food!