Information is Power!

August 30th, 2013 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Information is Power!

ProducePageImageWe have updated the Products Page on our website to feature extensive and valuable information about the Produce items you carry! Every available organic fresh produce item (over 250 products) is covered. For each item, we have:

Product Information – detailed information about how to shop for, how to select; and how to prepare your favorite produce items, as well as flavor profile information.

Nutritional Information – each item has its nutritional profile so you and your customers can immediately know the calorie count as well as valuable nutrients and minerals contained in each fruit and vegetable.

Recipes – for each item we have 3 delicious and innovative recipe choices to help with the preparation and use of the different products. The Products page is one of our most frequently visited website pages and we want to make sure that you have the complete information necessary to understand each fresh produce item – how it is used, how to select it, and what nutritional value each item has.

Visit this information now! …and, stay tuned, because we have something very special in the works that we’ll be unveiling on September 10th. Here’s a hint: your customers will have access to this very same information as they shop your produce section – and it will be available to them at the point of sale. Any question about any item will be at their fingertips… literally. Information is power!