Day Four – Pinas in Ecuador!

December 2nd, 2009 | melody | Comments Off on Day Four – Pinas in Ecuador!

melThumbSnata Domingo 11.12 2009 051On day four we were an hour outside of Santo Domingo. We traversed down a very bumpy road into massive fields of pineapple to find the largest exporter of Ecuadorian pineapples. The fields were interspersed between valleys of native rain forest that were preserved simply for the love of nature. The shape of the pineapple fields were wide and pointy.  The grower was an ex NASA Communications executive who came to the realization that he loved nature more than technology.  After leaving NASA, and with great trepidation, he started growing a small plot of organic pineapples, and amazingly he found that they had more sugar and better flavor than any of the conventional counterparts. A new endeavor was born!  The secret is in the feeding. The native agronomist he hired had studied organic agriculture at the University and was a true expert in microbiology. We toured the great vats of compost microbial stew that is a critical part of the growing process.

It was a treat to see them harvesting these juicy delights, which are naturally green on outside when ripe, but a golden yellow color when they are ready to enjoy!

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