Earth Day – Start Celebrating Now!

April 12th, 2013 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Earth Day – Start Celebrating Now!

earthDayEarth Day is but 10 days away and as I’ve been trying to do for the past several weeks on this blog and through our e-newsletters, I’d like to keep the focus on sustainability and our role and responsibility towards future generations as we move forward.

If possible, please celebrate or at least acknowledge this day in some capacity, even if it’s simply carving out a few minutes to reflect on what a treasure our planet is. We all tend to get pretty busy at times and allow our life perspective to shrink a bit. We know what’s important. Some days it just feels like it’s a hair out of reach, and we’ll come back to it as soon as the busy stretch ends. We’ve all been there.

Think of Earth Day as an opportunity to step back a few paces, enjoy the bigger picture, and give thanks for this wonderful planet; and of course, do what we can to insure that it will continue to serve as a comfortable home for generations to come. With this in mind, I would encourage/recommend two things to do over the next 10 days:

1) Watch this truly wonderful PBS Special – American Experience; Earth Days. It is a really enjoyable video of a PBS Special that was on aired on television for Earth Day several years ago portraying the history, origin and roots of the movement that led to the first Earth Day in 1970. Much of it is narrated by some of the original voices and organizers who made this day possible. It’s a very moving and enjoyable video experience. It’s hard not to walk away after seeing this movie and come to understand that perhaps our biggest misstep ever has been to underestimate nature – to believe that the best way to live and survive is to try and control and dominate a force that we should have simply learned to dance with.

2) Do something extraordinary. Extra Ordinary – the word implies something that goes beyond the ordinary. Apply this to how we contribute everyday towards enhancing the health and sustainability of our lives on the planet. If you walk to work three days a week; make it four. If you drive to work everyday; carpool once a week. Even a simple change, if we all do it, can make a significant difference. The key is to make this change stick. Don’t just do it for the benefit of a single celebration. Make it a regular part of your weekly routine.

Extraordinary – it’s what we strive to be, and hopefully what we strive to do. Make every day your Earth Day celebration.