It’s Time to Accept It… You are an Artist!

March 1st, 2013 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on It’s Time to Accept It… You are an Artist!

Janet EchelmanFor many who read this blog, you have certainly become familiar with my enthusiasm for the TED videos, which I frequently share on Fridays. This TED talk (see the video below) is by artist Janet Echelman. Her 10-minute presentation can potentially change the way you view art and your impression of yourself as an artist.

Janet does a wonderful job explaining that being an artist is less about creating something (as we so typically believe); and more about recognizing the art that exists all around us every day, or more accurately – every moment.

She goes on to describe how being an artist is simply the ability to recognize how beauty manifests around you in the capacity of shapes, color, movement and sound; and then emphasizing these particular aspects of nature and life and bringing them into the forefront of our awareness. We are all artists. Those who identify themselves as artists simply have the courage to share their vision – to share what they see as life dances all around them.

Most who read this blog either work with food or are passionate about what they eat. For finding the artist within, there are few finer mediums for encouraging the beauty and reverence we feel for life. Embrace and recognize the magnificence of all that is around you each day as you work with this amazing gift from nature. The shapes, colors, and beauty that are found nowhere else in nature are your inspiration – this is the story you are sharing for those who come into your marketplace. Every day you work with food, you have the potential to embrace the artist within you.

To truly take what you do to the next level, simply embrace and recognize that you really are an artist. Embrace that all around you is nature’s most beautiful masterpiece. Food is an amazing canvas for your art. The next step is to go out and feel confident in yourself as an artist and recognize the art that is around you everyday and every moment. Bring that story to your customers, and you will create a retail environment that is so compelling, so amazing, that shoppers will not always even understand why they are drawn to come there; but they will indeed love their experience in your store, even if they don’t completely understand why.

You are an artist, and recognizing that very basic and fundamental part of yourself can change not only the way you work… it can change the way you live.

Have a great weekend.