Trash Talk

April 13th, 2012 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Trash Talk

Below are some interesting factoids about garbage, courtesy of business For a more visual and fun depiction of these facts see the infographic below that they created.

– The average American produces 10 times their bodyweight in trash each year – literally enough for them to bury themselves alive.

– In the U.S. alone 250 million tons of trash are produced each year.

– Americans throw away enough aluminum for the entire auto industry to build new cars for a year.

– Plastic in the ocean comes from all over the world, and in the U.S. alone, 51 billion plastic bottles are used every year – and only 1 in 5 are recycled.

– It takes un-recycled plastic 600 years to break down.

– Waste Management separates trash and sells materials for about a 10 billion dollar a year industry. These materials are used to make everything from clothing to carpet.

– Waste Management also harnesses steam from burning trash and turns it into electricity. Over 30 years, this process has saved an estimated 150 million barrels of oil.

– China’s garbage problem is rapidly growing – producing 250 million tons of trash each year.

– Landfills in China can only hold 60% of the trash. The other 40% is dumped illegally.

– The world throws away 750 million tons of garbage each year.

Life of Garbage
Created by: Business Degree