Celebrating Earth Day

April 3rd, 2012 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Celebrating Earth Day

On April 22nd people from countries all across the world will unite in their celebration of Earth Day. For those of us who actively participate in the organic and natural foods industry, there may be no holiday that is more significant to what we are trying to accomplish. There is no finer vessel for bringing the celebration of Earth Day to the people than a retail natural food store. The products that you carry throughout your store are all the beautiful end result of environmental legislation and activism that have occurred in the past 30+ years, much of which was born out of the Earth Day Movement.

In an effort to help with your celebration of this important day, Albert’s Organics will provide you with a file of original artwork that can be printed onto vinyl for an instant banner promoting Earth Day in your store. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is still early and there is plenty of time. A good promotion needs some solid lead time!

The image that you see above is the image that will be on the banner. The full size banner is 18″ tall and 45″ wide.

If you would like to have this banner in your store to celebrate/promote Earth Day you can do the following:

1) Click on the picture above to go to the downloads page on the Alberts Organics website. Click on the Earth Day banner image to download a PDF file of the banner.

2) Save the PDF file from our website to a disk and take it to your neighborhood KINKO’s or print shop. They can print it for you on vinyl for about $5-$8 per square foot, or perhaps even less. This banner design is about 6 square feet, so including the tax, you are looking at having an excellent promotional piece for somewhere between $30-$50 – quite a deal. The main expense for a banner is usually the cost of the design and artwork, this is free to you, courtesy of Albert’s Organics.

3) The 18″x45″ size is the only available size. As you might imagine we would not be able to provide this service if we were to customize the size for each store. At 18″x45″ you have a very visible banner, and even for smaller stores it is not so large as to overtake your department.

Now more than ever we need to actively participate in celebrating the Earth. Let’s show our communities what the Organic and Natural Foods Industry are truly about. Celebrate Earth Day!