Too Many Choices

January 25th, 2012 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Too Many Choices

Recently I was shopping for a new pair of jeans, the staple of my wardrobe. The selection was amazing. There were 6 different brands. Some were stone washed. Some were slim fit. Some were boot cut . . . and it goes on and on. The jean section alone took up the space that is typically allotted for an entire men’s clothing section. For some, this may be paradise, but for me . . . well, all I really wanted was another pair of jeans – the same brand and cut I was already wearing. And even though the selection seemed to cover every “jean-want” you could ever imagine, I felt more challenged to actually find what I was looking for.

I often have the same experience when I shop for food. I don’t necessarily need to choose between 20 different kinds of butter. Just an organic butter works fine for me. All of this explains why I found this video below by Sheena Lyengar entitled, How to Make Choosing Easier, a very interesting view.

There’s some good stuff about the psychology of choice as well as some practical advice about how customers respond in a retail setting when making their selections amidst a crowded field of products. Enjoy the video.