Coconut Water and Kefir

November 12th, 2010 | george | 1 Comment »

When I was growing up, one of our favorite family food rituals was purchasing coconuts at the store and breaking them open to get at the sweet meat of the coconut. My dad would hammer a screw into the end of the coconut to drain out the nasty water, then breaking the shell with a hammer so we could chew from the pieces of the coconut itself. Little did I know then that the “nasty” discarded coconut water would be one of the hottest food trends some 50 years later.

Sales of coconut water have continued to grow exponentially over the last few years. The reason for strong sales seems to be directly correlated with the numerous unique health benefits of coconut water.

• In terms of hydration, no other beverage can match coconut water. Coconut water contains 5 essential electrolytes-sodium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Coconut water has the same level of electrolytic balance contained in human blood. In fact, coconut water has been used as an alternative plasma in blood transfusions!
• Coconut water is low in fat and has no cholesterol. It is also naturally low in sugar and carbs, making it a perfect choice for diabetics.
• Coconut water contains monolaurin, an effective antiviral and antibacterial agent.

Many athletes have switched from high sugar/low nutrient sports drinks to coconut water as a more effective means of hydration. In pregnancy, women are turning to coconut water as a nutrient-rich beverage that can combat heartburn and morning sickness. Parents are offering their kids coconut water as an alternative to other beverages high in sugar.

A more recent trend in coconut beverages is the emergence of coconut kefir. More commonly merchandised as a supplement rather than a beverage, coconut kefir is a fermented product containing extremely high levels of probiotics. Coconut kefir promotes balanced flora in the digestive tract, aids in the digestion of foods, and helps with irritable bowel syndrome. Typically coconut kefir has a fizzy effervescence tempered by the sweetness of the taste of the coconut.

We fully expect sales of coconut water and kefir to continue growing as more people discover the health benefits of this amazing product.