Announcing The Organic College

October 20th, 2010 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Announcing The Organic College

English author, lawyer, politician, and scientist, Sir Francis Bacon is credited with having coined the phrase “Knowledge is Power.” I have always interpreted the “power” portion of that statement to mean that with more knowledge we can better understand the world we live in, or at the very least, better understand the situations we find ourselves in.

To this end Albert’s Organics is proud to present The Organic College – the second in our series of educational outreaches, following the highly successful and award winning Organic Produce College, which was launched in 2006. The Organic College provides extensive information on the organic industry including farming, food handling, manufacturing, as well as the art of retailing. The College is a compilation of 15 lessons covering topics ranging from understanding organic certification to learning about genetically modified foods, and much more.

As most of you have noticed (between our Colleges, blogs and regular newsletters) we strongly adhere to the notion that Knowledge is Power. We are all about providing as much information and content as possible, hoping that we can help you in your everyday work lives to be both effective and successful.

Since we opened our doors in 1982, Albert’s has been a leader and innovator in the organic industry, and this series represents the culmination of our 28 years of experience, education and expertise in working with organic growers, producers and retailers.

Any retailer, food service operation, or any individual or group involved with selling and promoting organic foods, will certainly benefit by enrolling in The Organic College. Once you have successfully completed all 15 lessons, you will have obtained a level of knowledge and expertise in the organic field that will prove invaluable in your daily work.

When you complete all 15 lessons, Albert’s Organics will send you the Organic College Diploma. For more information or to proceed with enrolling in the College go to

Good luck, and we look forward to your enrollment.