Composting: A Heap of Good

August 10th, 2010 | Simcha Weinstein | Comments Off on Composting: A Heap of Good

Compost is a tool for improving soil quality and for good reason: it increases soil organic matter (feeds soil microorganisms, and increases water and nutrient holding capacity); suppresses plant pathogens; reduces erosion; provides an alternative to the use of raw manures that may introduce pathogens; and provides a slow-release source of nutrients.

And composting is not just limited to personal gardening. More and more large-scale farms (even conventional ones) are seeing the benefit of having rich healthy soil and composting is finding its way onto some pretty large fields. It used to be that cover crops were the way to go for large scale farming, and for some reason, growers tended to see cover crops and composting as an either/or scenario. Now, because cover crops can require extra water as well as create a fairly complicated growing schedule, composting is definitely gaining in popularity. It’s so popular in fact, that they even do it at the White House. Check out the video for a little visual tour of the White House composting operation. Pretty cool.