Simcha Weinstein

Director of Marketing

I began my journey in the organic and natural foods industry in 1976. After college, along with 3 friends, I opened a produce market in Chapel Hill, NC, where I became interested and involved in what was at that time, a very young and fairly undiscovered organic industry. I have been involved in the organic industry ever since in a variety of capacities - working in retail, wholesale, consulting, and enjoying organic and natural foods as my own personal food choice. I have been with Albert’s Organics as the Director of Marketing since 2001. When I’m not involved with my work, I enjoy spending time with good friends; relaxing in the company of my wonderful children; delighting in the art of self improvement; and hiking in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains near Asheville, NC - a place I am fortunate to call home, and where every day is truly spectacular.